All of our equipment is designed for ease-of-use and minimal maintenance. Three options are offered with small, medium and high volume users in mind.

iGO Mini 1
iGO Mini 2
iGO Mini 3
iGO Mini 4
iGO Mini 5

The iGO Mini Mini is a highly convenient solution for clubs with a small number of pitches. It features a “plug and spray” system for quick and easy connection to Impact paints. Lightweight and compact in size, it generates a consistently high quality line.

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iGO Deluxe 1
iGO Deluxe 2
iGO Deluxe 3
iGO Deluxe 4
iGo Deluxe 5

The iGO De Luxe Luxe is the perfect solution for typical medium to high volume users. The machine has a long-life rechargeable battery and will typically last for a full day of linemarking. It also features a solenoid valve for instant paint cut-off, a disc-lift mechanism for ease of operation and pre-drilled holes for quick changes of the line width.

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IGO Ride On 1
iGO Ride On 2
iGO Ride On 4
iGO Ride On 5

For high volume users with a utility vehicle, the iGO Ride-On is frequently selected. To date, we have found that the kit can be retrofitted to any make or model of utility vehicle, enabling the highly efficient marking of multiple pitches. It features a retractable arm for ease of operation and a ski design allowing the spray head to skim over uneven surfaces./span>

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