We have a series of different paints offered for natural grass, synthetic grass and hard surface applications. Our key grades for natural grass are as follows:


IMPACT is a general  purpose ready-to-use linemarking paint, producing quality sports field markings. It contains Titanium Dioxide which brings a very white and bright appearance to the lines.

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IMPACT XP is a Queen’s Award winning  ready-to-use linemarking paint, producing high quality sports field markings and is used by some of the largest clubs in the world.  It contains a high concentration of Titanium Dioxide and is engineered to be whiter, brighter and longer lasting than paints requiring dilution.

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IMPACT I-Line is a very recent development at Linemark and represents the ultimate choice where the quality of the line is the primary consideration; it is a ready-to-use linemarking paint, producing top quality sports field markings. In addition to a high concentration of Titanium Dioxide bringing a superior whiteness to the lines, i-Line utilises optical brighteners resulting in enhanced reflectiveness on the grass and improved durability.

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