The award-winning sports field line marking system. Contact us today for a free demo.

The award-winning sports field line marking system. Contact us today for a free demo.

The award-winning sports field line marking system. Contact us today for a free demo.

Why ImpactTM?

Easy Application

Ready-to-use paint. No mixing, no measuring, no waste.

Sharper Lines

ImpactTM exclusive nozzles for extra precision and coverage.

No Mess

No unwanted splashes onto the ground, skin or clothing.

Longer Lasting

Highly rain resistant, lines stay brighter for longer.

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White, brighter, longer lasting lines

What We Do

At Linemark Global we redifine the world of line marking with our award-winning Impact™ System. Using ready-to-use yet highly concentrated paint formulations, the system provides highly efficient and cost-effective solutions to longstanding issues for professional groundsmen and a range of other users.

No longer is it necessary to mix paint with water with all the resultant mess and hassle. No longer are huge volumes of liquid required to be transported to the point of use. With Linemark Impact you can mark out a standard-sized football pitch in minutes using as little as 1.5 litres of paint.

Linemark is used widely across the English Premier League by famous clubs including Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Chelsea. Across Europe, Impact is trusted by top clubs in the Bundesliga (Germany) and La Liga (Spain). It is also the choice for international sporting events including the London Olympics 2012, Rugby World Cup 2015, the Champions League Final 2018 in Kiev and World Cup Russia Final 2018 in Moscow.

Around the world ground staff in over forty-five countries already benefit from Linemark’s ready-to-use and dilutable paints. And not all work at large sporting arenas. Indeed, we offer paint grades for every budget for use at amateur sports facilities, athletics clubs, local authorities, universities and schools.

Working with our distributor partners we are committed to bringing the benefits of Linemark to new users around the world. To learn more about our paint and machines, please contact us.

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Linemark offers an unbeatable range of ready-to-use and dilutable sports paints for every organisation and budget

Linemark offers an unbeatable range of ready-to-use and dilutable sports paints for every organisation and budget

Linemark offers an unbeatable range of ready-to-use and dilutable sports paints for every organisation and budget

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