All of our equipment is designed for precision marketing, ease-of-use and minimal maintenance.

Spray Markers

iGO spray machines combine a long battery life and the ability to change all parameters on the equipment without the use of tools – very helpful to the user who is often operating the equipment some distance from their base.

iGO™ Prime

The iGO Prime offers users all the benefits of the iGO Deluxe but with the addition of a twin probe circulating system.

  • New twin probe, circulating system for internal paint distribution
  • Six hours constant spraying time from powerful 20 Amp power unit
  • Pre-drilled disc spacers for quick and easy line width changes
  • Fingertip control of lifting and locking disc mechanism
  • LED battery life / charging indicator
  • Solenoid valve provides instant paint cut-off eliminating leakage on turf
  • Pneumatic tyres for excellent surface stability and manoeuvrability
  • Easily accessible heavy-duty pump for consistent paint output

iGO™ Deluxe

The iGO Deluxe is the perfect solution for typical medium to high volume users. The machine has a long-life rechargeable battery and will typically last for a full day of line marking. It also features a solenoid valve for instant paint cut-off, a disc-lift mechanism for ease of operation and pre-drilled holes for quick changes of the line width.

  • The perfect partner for Impact system ready-to-use paints
  • High pressure pump delivery system
  • Finger tip on/off solenoid valve and ski for precision
  • Disc lift mechanism located on handlebar for easy of operation
  • Pre-drilled disc spacers for quick and easy line width changes
  • Pneumatic tyres and non-corrosion chassis
  • Long-life removable battery, LED charge indicator and battery life indicator
  • Carries 2 x 10 litre drums
  • Optional 18 litre paint pod for applying dilutable concentrates

iGO™ Premier

Beautifully balanced, four-wheeled line marking machine with a host of features.

  • Ergonomic design – lightweight and easy to push
  • Long wheel base for straight, precise lines
  • Easy to set-up and operation
  • Twin probe circulatory paint system for consistent paint flow and easier cleaning
  • Available with or without solenoid valve
  • Fully charged battery secures 4-5 hours of constant spraying
  • Optimised for Impact® ready-to-use paint and cone nozzle technology


The new iGO Midi is as tough as they come and features the new twin probe circulating system. Perfect for turf care contractors.

  • New twin probe, circulating system for internal paint distribution
  • Six hours constant spraying time from powerful 20 amp power unit
  • Pre-drilled disc spacers for quick and easy line width changes
  • Fully adjustable handle-bar height to suit operator preferences
  • Pneumatic tyres for excellent surface stability and manoeuvrability
  • Robust, high-gloss warm touch powder coated framework
  • Compact, easily portable and highly manoeuvrable


The iGO Mini Mini is a highly convenient solution for clubs with a small number of pitches. It features a “plug and spray” system for quick and easy connection to Impact paints. Lightweight and compact in size, it generates a consistently high quality line.

  • Compact marker for both 5 and 10 litre bottles. Perfect for stadiums or grounds with one or two pitches.
  • Discs can be either front- or side-mounted.
  • Lightweight and effortless to operate
  • Compact and easily folded for transport and storage
  • Removable battery for overnight charging
  • Pneumatic tyres and non-corrosion chassis


For high volume users with a utility vehicle, the iGO™ Ride-On is frequently selected. The kit can be retrofitted to virtually any make or model of utility vehicle, enabling the highly efficient marking of multiple pitches. It features a retractable arm for ease of operation and a ski design allowing the spray head to skim over uneven surfaces.

  • Flexible fitting as a temporary attachment or permanently fixed if required.
  • Fast-fix, clamp fitting – universal fitting to a task force of utility vehicles.
  • Locking, retractable arm for ease of operation and transportation.
  • 12 Volt diaphragm pump for consistent paint output.
  • Easily removed 20 amp battery for charging on or off the vehicle.
  • Solenoid spray head valve ensure instant cut off of paint.
  • Simple two way valve wash option for cleaning nozzles between sites.

Transfer Wheel Markers

Our selection of transfer wheel markers provides a choice of dependable line marking options for low, medium and high volume users.

Dimple® Line Marker with Pneumatic Tyres

The Dimple Line Marker, with its patented transfer dimple design, can be found at some of Europe’s top clubs and national stadiums including Wembley and the Stade de France. It is named after its revolutionary transfer wheel which is cast with dozens of small dimples to ensure accurate and clean lines every time.

  • Dimpled, cast iron centre transfer wheel
  • 120mm marking wheel
  • Reinforced, 15 litre, steel tank
  • Hard wearing pneumatic tyres
  • Height adjustable handle with durable hand grips
  • All parts are zinc plated and powder coated

Campey™ LM3012

The Campey™ LM3012 is a simple, durable and easy to operate liquid transfer line marker. Marking material is transferred from the 15 litre tank to the 12cm wide marking wheel by a grooved rubber roller, giving even, accurate lines.

  • Adjustable, tubular steel handles
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Variable flow rate.
  • Front roller allows marking up to post or flag
  • Weight 19kg

Rollaline Transfer Wheel Marker

Lightweight by design but of strong construction, the Rollaline™ Transfer Wheel Marker is easy-to-use and robust. The plastic paint tank forms part of the body of the machine, reducing the number of components and keeping costs and complexity down. The transfer wheels are manufactured from durable polyethylene plastic making them long lasting and lightweight.

  • Simple elegant design
  • 20 litre capacity
  • Pneumatic rear wheels
  • 50, 75 or 100mm marker wheel
  • Drain plug

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