Linemark Global offers a full range of quality iGO™ machine parts, accessories and complementary products designed to ensure the best user experience.

Athletics Boom

Specially developed for use with the iGO™ range (excludes iGO™ Mini), the Athletics Boom is an easy-to-fix attachment that enables the spray machine to mark out three athletic track running lanes at one time.

  • Pneumatic tyres for smooth movement.
  • Adjustable width marker discs.
  • Sturdy yet lightweight frame.
  • For use with Impact ready-to-use paint.
  • Paint applied with either flat fan or cone nozzle.

Spray Lance

Ideal attachment to the spray marking machine for spraying small areas (for example, penalty spots), zoning and logos. Use with Impact regular or removable paint.

  • Easily connects to the iGO spray machine.
  • Trigger action with locking feature.
  • Integral spray nozzle filter.
  • Strong, portable frame.

Spray Boom

The Spray Boom converts the iGO line marker into a pedestrian herbicide sprayer. Ideal for small sport clubs with one or two sports fields to maintain.

  • Three nozzle, 1.7 metre boom width.
  • Heavy duty pump applies consistent spray.
  • Adjustable boom height.
  • Easy to attach and remove.

Side Sprayer

Side Sprayer is an attachment that allows the operator to spray at the side of a machine enabling the operator to mark without straddling the line. 

  • Specially designed for iGO machines (except iGO Mini).
  • Fully adjustable for desired line width.
  • Can aid precision and speed of marking.
  • Easy to fit and to use.

Flush Thru Detergent for iGOTM

Flush Thru is a specially formulated, ready-to-use cleaner.

  • For use with all iGO, iGO Mini and other spray machines.
  • Ideal for regular cleaning maintenance, to preventing accumulation of paint residues in piping, filters, pumps and nozzles.
  • Available in 10 litre bottle.

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