Linemark ImpactTM for brighter, whiter, longer lasting lines

Choose Linemark ImpactTM for brighter, whiter, longer lasting lines

Choose Linemark ImpactTM for brighter, whiter, longer lasting lines

Impact™ Line Marking System

Thousands of groundsmen around the world trust the award-winning ImpactTM line marking system to deliver outstanding results time after time.

As easy as 1, 2, 3…

The ImpactTM System is a world leader in sports line marking. It combines ground breaking, ready-to-use paint formulations with state-of-the-art marking machines – including GPS – using precision engineered, proprietary spray nozzles. Together, they produce sport lines that are whiter, brighter and longer lasting than when using traditional line marking methods.

Lines are marked in a snap, with no mixing and no measuring and no mess. Line marking has never been easier.

Linemark’s high whiteness paint formulations have become a standard feature of many of the world’s most discerning sports arenas and can be used on virtually all sports surfaces, including grass, synthetics and hard surfaces.

The ImpactTM system is offered with a range of paint grades, machines and spray nozzles designed to suit all needs and budgets.

The ImpactTM Advantage

Easy application

Ready-to-use paint. No mixing, no measuring, no waste.

Brighter lines

Unique paint formulations deliver unbeatable whiteness.

No mess

No unwanted splashes onto the ground, skin or clothing.

Longer lasting

Highly rain resistant, lines stay brighter for longer.

Kind to grass

Non-hazardous, non-toxic, low volume, water-based paint.

Time saving

Faster set up, fewer stops, quicker finish.


Ultra-low VOCs, near pH neutral, no added water.

Award winning

Winner of Britain’s Queen’s Award for Innovation.

Sharper lines

ImpactTM exclusive nozzles for extra precision and coverage.

Track and field

Bespoke formulations for virtually any sports surface.

Leading research

Non-stop product innovation and advancement.

Trusted worldwide

Used in over 40 countries at every level of sport.

Made in Britain

All products manufactured in the UK to ISO-9001.

Cost saving

Paint grades for every organisation and budget.

Winning team

Friendly advice and support from our industry experts.

Free demo

Free, no obligation demo or on-site trial.

Why not request a free demo?

This video is also available in the following languages: Español, Português and Français.


Linemark also produce paint for use with transfer wheel markers.

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